Frequently Asked Questions

It's as easy as creating an account, logging in, and placing your first order. Just click "JOIN" in the top right corner of the home page.
Whenever it is most convenient for you! If you are located in North or West London, you can select Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday for delivery. For all other delivery zones, please check our Delivery Routes page to see when we are in your area. On the day you selected, you will receive an email with an estimated delivery time. Should you need your order delivered in a specific window of time, please leave us a note in your order comments and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Because we plot our routes to be as environmentally and fuel efficient as possible, we regret that we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill this request, but we will always try our best!
While we still accept payments of cash or cheque on delivery for some longstanding customers, we appreciate it if you are able to pay via credit card through our website. You can add your payment information to your account during sign up, and your credit card will be processed shortly after the delivery cutoff for each delivery route.
No membership fee! Simply start shopping!
Not at all. You can order as frequently or as infrequently as you like. We won't deliver unless you have over $35 of product in your cart at the delivery cut off time.
What a great idea! You sure can, just use the lucky someone's address as the shipping address. We also have gift cards available if you'd rather allow them to create their order for themselves.


Our Products

You can rest assured that all of our produce is certified organic. The vast majority of our grocery items are certified organic as well. In some situations, where an organic product cannot be sourced, we will offer a non-certified product in its place (usually this item is either certified GMO-free, or from a farm in-transition to organic certification). In other situations, we will carry a non-certified local grocery product, when we can vouch for its quality and health. If any product is not certified organic, it will be clearly marked.
On the produce side of things, we go above and beyond to ensure that our offering is as local as possible. To us, local means that the fruits and veggies come first from Southwestern Ontario farmers who we know by name and have a relationship with. In the summertime, our produce offering is over 80% local (that percentage takes into account items like bananas and avocados that we carry due to popular demand, but can’t get locally). We will always prioritize a local organic product over an imported one. We also always indicate where the fruit or vegetable came from with as much detail as we can (Farmer, Town, Province/State, Country).

Quite simply, there aren't very many local organic fruit producers. That doesn't mean that we can never have local fruit. For example, in the summertime, we have excellent local organic melons! For a brief period in July there are excellent local organic blueberries, and then again in August and September we have fantastic organic peaches, nectarines and coronation grapes from Niagara. In early fall, organic apples from the Collingwood area arrive. We’ve gone so far as to buy fruit trees in partnership with farmers to increase our fruit offering, but efforts like that take time to, well, bear fruit so to speak.


Shopping Questions

Give us a call or send us an email. If we can make it happen, we will.
Definitely! Underneath each product image is the option to select how often you would like that item to be added to your cart. Select "This Week" if you only want it added to your current, or select "Every Week" or "Every Other Week" if you'd like it regularly added to your cart. You can adjust the ordering schedule at any time, and make any modifications needed to your order. As long as there is $35 or more worth of product in your cart, your order will be automatically checked out at 8:00am on the delivery day. 
Checking out an order has never been simpler! As long you have $35 or more in your cart, your order will automatically check out at 8:00am on the day you've selected for your delivery.
Yes. A minimum of $35 in products must be in your cart to successfully checkout.
For sure! You can even shop from different devices at the same time, so long as you are logged in. Almost out of butter? Add it to the cart. Remember that you need vanilla extract for a special recipe next week? Add it to the cart. If you have signed up for a recurring order, anything you add to your cart during the week will be added to whatever you have scheduled on your recurring order for that week. We do update the website every Friday by 4:30 PM to reflect what’s local, fresh, and available for that week. We change the contents of the standard boxes at that time too, so you may want to double check your order after that to make sure it’s accurate.
If there's something you're looking for that you can't find, let us know! We’re always adding new products to our offering and we love nothing more than to be given suggestions by our supporters. Send us an email about what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to get it in for you.
We are happy to offer milk, dairy, and hundreds of other grocery items in zero waste jars, which can be returned to us with your following orders.To collect the deposit paid on these items, simply add the number of jars you are returning to your order (found on our Zero Waste Club
page and the deposits will be deducted from your order total. Then return your clean jars with your OTMO bin on the day of your next delivery.

**Please note: Not all glass jars are reusable to us. Please only send back jars for which you were charged a deposit (no jam, salsa or pickle jars).


Delivery Questions

Check out the Delivery Areas page to see if you're in our delivery zones. Still not sure? Send us an email with your postal code and we'll let you know.

In case those first two methods don't work for you, here is a quick breakdown of our current delivery area:
  • London - weekly deliveries on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Includes Byron, Lambeth, and Arva.
  • Sarnia, Strathroy - weekly deliveries on Fridays. Includes Grand Bend, Ilderton, Lucan, Parkhill, Mt. Brydges, and points in between.
  • Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge - bi-weekly deliveries on Tuesdays. Includes Woodstock, New Hamburg, Embro, Tavistock, Innerkip, Ayr, and points in between.
  • Ingersoll, Stratford - weekly deliveries on Tuesdays. Includes Dorchester, St. Marys, Thamesford, Thorndale, and points in between.
  • St. Thomas - weekly deliveries on Thursdays. Includes Talbotville, Belmont, and points in between.
  • Aylmer, Port Stanley - bi-weekly deliveries on Thursdays. Includes Sparta, Port Bruce, and points in between.
Typically, between 3-9 pm within London, and 1-9 pm for deliveries outside of London. On the day of your delivery, you will receive an email with an approximate time to expect your order, as well as any updates to your ETA.
If you need your delivery for a certain time, send us an email or leave a note in your order comments and we will see what we can do for you. We ask that you please let us know before 8:00 AM because that is when route planning starts.
If you live within North London or West London (including Byron), you can choose to have your order delivered Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. If you live in one of our other delivery zones, we unfortunately can't plan a different delivery day. We plan very efficient routes in order to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible (think public transit for veggies vs. taxis driving all over the place). Remember, you don’t need to be home at the time that we deliver unless you are paying by cash or cheque on delivery. That said, if you are close enough to drive into London, we do offer a pickup option if you need your order on a different day. Our pickup location is at the London Brewing Co-Op at 521 Burbrook Place in the Old East Village.
Yes, you can. Currently, you can pick your order from London Brewing, located at 521 Burbrook Place.
That's not a problem. In fact, most folks tend not be home when we deliver! Your box is kept nice and chilly right up until its arrival. Sealed up tight and in a shady location, the contents will stay cool for a few hours. In the winter, on all but the most frigid of evenings, the contents will stay frost free for a few hours. Any items that need to be refrigerated or frozen (dairy or meat) are sent in insulated bags with ice packs to help keep them cool.
If you are within London, we have free delivery for all orders over $65. We charge a $5 delivery fee on all orders under $65. For folks outside the city, there is a $5 delivery charge on orders over $65 to offset the additional time it takes to make those deliveries. It is $9 for deliveries under $65.
Absolutely! There are lots of ways to make apartment deliveries work. Most commonly, we phone about 5 minutes in advance of your delivery and meet you in the lobby on arrival. Or, we can buzz on arrival and be let in to leave the delivery at your apartment door. Some customers feel comfortable leaving their bin in the lobby area. Other customers arrange with their building manager for us to have access to the building. Just let us know which option works for you in the order comments section or by sending us an email.
Of course! In the top right corner of the website, select "My Account" followed by "Delivery Hold." You can select the days that you will be gone, which will make sure that if you have any recurring items added to your cart, they won't accidentally get sent to you.
Don't worry about it! We know life gets busy and things get forgotten. If you were planning on ordering again in the next couple of weeks just leave out two bins on your next order. If it’s going to be longer than that, we’d greatly appreciate it if you were able to drop off the bin at our warehouse at 521 Burbrook Place Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, or we can schedule a bin pickup as part of the delivery routes. Just send us an email to let us know.
Some weeks we have more orders to pack than the number of bins that were returned to us. When this is the case, we use cardboard boxes as well, or if you’ve placed a bigger order, some of it might come in cardboard boxes as well.
If the cardboard box is still in good condition, you can return it for us to reuse. If you are going to collapse the box, we ask that you cut rather than peel off the tape. Thanks for helping us keep our waste contributions down!
Oh no, we're sorry to hear that! Please send us an email right away and we’ll make it right.


Account Questions

After logging in, click on "My Account" (top right side) and edit your delivery info under "Account Info." If you are moving into a different delivery zone (i.e. moving from London to St. Thomas), then please send us a message so we can make sure your account is set up correctly on our end.
We're so sorry to see you go. We would appreciate receiving an email to let us know, and as a small business that values feedback, we would appreciate it if you include the reason, so we can help improve the program. We also ask that you deactivate any recurring orders to help keep our stock numbers accurate. Please feel free and reach out if you still have remaining jars, freezer bags, boxes or bins as well, and you can either drop them, off at our London location, or we can schedule a pickup time to retrieve the items!
Click on "My Account" in the top right corner of the home screen and select "Account Info." Here you can update your billing information and your credit card information. 


About Our Pickup Program

You can get your pickup order in as little as 1 hour. We offer curbside delivery from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm, Tuesday to Friday at the London Brewing Taproom, 521 Burbrook Place, London, ON N5W4B5. Call (519) 266-2667 for curbside pickup (we’ll bring your order to your car).
Go to your "My Account" page, and change delivery day to a pickup option. You’ll then see the available time slots for your order. Pickups are available 1pm-5pm, Tuesday to Friday. Once your order is placed you’ll receive a confirmation email with your invoice and date/time of grocery curbside/pickup.

When it is time for your pickup, come to the London Brewing Taproom, 521 Burbrook Place, London, ON N5W4B5. For curbside delivery , just give us a call at (519) 266-2667 and we’ll bring your order out to your vehicle. Parking lots are on Burbrook, just before Princess Ave.
Nothing! There is no fee for pickups/curbside.
You can still come pickup your order the same day, 6:30pm at the latest. Give us a call at (519) 266-2667 or send an email to info@onthemoveorganics.ca if you know you can’t make it in time and we’ll figure out the next day/time that works for you.



I just wanted to say how impressed we were by our first order! The ordering process was so easy and I am beyond impressed with the quality.

Thank you so much. I am so thrilled with my first grocery delivery! I love that there were no plastic grocery bags and that jars are returnable.

I just placed my grocery order at 6:35 in the morning, sitting in my pajamas, face unwashed, drinking coffee. This is awesome!

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