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Local, organic food in every box

Here at On The Move Organics, our hands-on approach to sourcing from local farmers means that we have the largest selection of healthy local organic food.

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Organic 100% - Fresh, certified organic fruits and vegetables. 100% local boxes in season, featuring fresh produce from small-scale organic farms surrounding London.

Our amazing customers

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Last winter, though, I developed a "frozen shoulder".  I was unable to lift my right arm or bear any weight with it.  Even if I could get a ride with a friend or a taxi, there were many days when my shoulder was too painful for me to carry a grocery bag or even to go out.  It was amazing to have a strong young person bring a box of fresh food to my door every week!  My shoulder has been better for quite a while now and I have continued to enjoy the convenience and good food that you offer.

- Kathleen Wood

I just wanted to say that I received black radishes in this weeks delivery and I’ve never had them before. They are INCREDIBLE. Thank you for providing them... I’ve never even seen them before!

Also I would like to mention that the gentleman that delivered my truly local box today was very friendly.

Thanks again for such a wonderful service I so love it and I tell everyone about you.

- Caylee

We made our first order yesterday and I can't shut up about how awesome it is. Minimal packaging, local produce and groceries delivered right to your door, and some staples from @rootcellarldn available too. And I found the pricing to be really reasonable for the quality. Don't sleep on this like I did!

- Adriana

I have ordered for years and am always pleased with the selection. Staff are knowledgeable, friendly and professional!

- Meg P.

High quality raw organic fruits and veg- I order from them every week! Friendly staff, good prices and the delivery times are on point!

Highly recommended.

- Sun Y.

Such a wonderful and convenient service. Amazing local fresh food delivered to your door. It’s fun when something new is delivered to figure out a new recipe to try. My hubby and I tackle this task together.

- Mary K.

I received my first box of organic produce and each and every grocery item I received was of superior quality (not bruised or over ripe). Each of the foods packed tasted absolutely amazing and so fresh! The products were just as good if not better than what I would have picked out at any grocery store myself. I would highly recommend checking them out!

- Carrie M.

Great, personable service. Wonderful for seniors who are without their vehicle. What a plus!!! Thank you folks for your dedication.

- Ruth M.

Got my first order from OTMO today and was seriously impressed. Will definitely order from them again next week. The staff was super friendly, website easy to use and I loved the switch out option on their boxes. I ordered both a veggie box and a fruit bowl to give it a try and everything was top quality. I cannot wait to see the next order.

- Nancy W.

LOVE On The Move Organics!!! Weekly delivery to your home of organic produce and various other items - check them out!!!

- Jane G.
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Local Food System – Together!

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