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Organic 100% - Fresh, certified organic fruits and vegetables. 100% local boxes in season, featuring fresh produce from small-scale organic farms surrounding London.

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Love supporting local small businesses! On the Move Organics has some of the best locally sourced items all under one roof. I love being able to access all of my fave items and products on one user friendly website. Bonus: they deliver free in London! Thanks for a great service, you've got a new regular customer. Ps- try their spinach dip- its to die for!

- Kelly Pardy

Last winter, though, I developed a "frozen shoulder".  I was unable to lift my right arm or bear any weight with it.  Even if I could get a ride with a friend or a taxi, there were many days when my shoulder was too painful for me to carry a grocery bag or even to go out.  It was amazing to have a strong young person bring a box of fresh food to my door every week!  My shoulder has been better for quite a while now and I have continued to enjoy the convenience and good food that you offer.

- Kathleen Wood
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